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DSDA-Doom is compatible with the vast majority of wads that see competition. In order to achieve this, the port is capable of switching it's compatibility mode (dubbed complevel) at launch via the -complevel x command line option. Each value of x will set the game logic to mimic that of a given environment. Additionally, the port is limit-removing. The original executable for doom had various limits in place due to the restrictions of that era, but these limits are removed in the port. This means we can run wads in DSDA-Doom that would break in the original game, but with otherwise identical game logic. For recording demos (and testing as well), the following complevels are most relevant:

If you use the wrong complevel, your run is invalid. When playing custom maps, the compatibility level is generally listed in the text file. Keep in mind that a custom map using doom as an iwad would be complevel 3, a map using doom 2 would be complevel 2, etc.

Other Options

Many command line options are useful for demo recording. Keep the following in mind:


In order to record a demo, you'll want to launch DSDA-Doom along with the relevant command line options described above. This can be done on the actual command line, or via a batch file (.bat). Here is an example command:

dsda-doom.exe -iwad /path/to/doom.wad -skill 4 -warp 1 1 -complevel 3 -levelstat -record my_demo


How can I see the in-game timer?

Go to options -> setup -> status bar / hud and turn on "show level time" under the advanced hud settings. The key to toggle the advanced hud can be found in options -> setup -> keybindings (default is f5).

How do I restart?

In between attempts, you'll need to exit the game. Each launch starts a new recording.

Why do I move forward when I move the mouse?

Doom has "vertical mouse movement" by default. Set your vertical sensitivity to zero in the options to turn this off, or look for the mouse look toggle in the key bindings. You'll generally need this for performing certain tricks, so the toggle is more useful.

Should I turn on these sr50 options?

No. The automatic sr50 and sr50 on turns options are for TASing only.

Can I use the advanced HUD?

Yes. See the general rules and guidelines for more details on port-specific features.