bnbeyond Jason Michelsen

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Level Category Player(s) Engine Note Time
E2M1 UV Max Michael Novikov DooM v1.9 1:00:37.89
NM Speed Laure DSDA-Doom v0.24.3cl3 1:40.89
Never_Again PRBoom v2.5.0.7 3:05.14
NoMo Laure DSDA-Doom v0.24.3cl3 0:42.94
Other Never_Again PRBoom v2.5.0.9 11:00.00
UV Max, with the Super Weapons patch.
Never_Again PRBoom v2.5.0.9 15:53.31
Only plays back in prboom+ Skill 3 Max
Never_Again DooM v1.9 37:41.26