Doom the Way id Did - The Lost Episodes Various

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Level Category Player(s) Engine Note Time
E1M1 UV Max Null PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl3 0:48.09
Kieran Millar PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl3 0:55.97
Pacifist Memfis PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl3 0:11.51
Plut PRBoom v2.5.1.3cl3 0:14.89
Stroller David Spring PRBoom v2.5.1.3cl3 0:28.54
E1M4 UV Speed GarrettChan DSDA-Doom v0.19.7cl3 1:38.77
Other Andrea Rovenski GZDoom v1.8.02 1:53   
Incompatible UV Speed
E2M1 Other Andrea Rovenski GZDoom v1.7.01 0:50   
Incompatible UV Speed
E2M8 UV Max David Spring PRBoom v2.5.1.3cl3 0:58.43
Also Reality Plays back with dtwid-lx.wad.
Pacifist Memfis PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl3 1:25.17
Plays back with dtwid-lx.wad.
E3M1 Pacifist Memfis PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl3 0:41.69
Plays back with dtwid-lx.wad.
Plut PRBoom v2.5.1.3cl3 0:46.06
Plays back with dtwid-lx.wad.
E3M8 Other Andrea Rovenski GZDoom v1.8.02 0:21   
Incompatible UV Speed. Plays back with dtwid-lx.wad.
E5M1 Stroller David Spring PRBoom v2.5.1.3cl3 0:31.49
Plays back with dtwid-e5.wad. Actual map number is E1M1.
E6M5 UV Speed Andrea Rovenski GZDoom v1.8.02 0:29   
Episode 2 UV Max Revved DSDA-Doom v0.21.3cl3 40:13   
Episode 5 UV Max Revved PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl3 34:01   
Plays back with dtwid-e5.wad. Maps are actually placed in the Episode 1 mapslots.