nuts B.P.R.D

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Level Category Player(s) Engine Note Time
Map 01 UV Speed deeperjungle DSDA-Doom v0.24.3cl2 0:29.54
El Juancho DSDA-Doom v0.24.3cl2 0:32.03
Hurricaine Jr. PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl2 0:32.46
Teedre PRBoom v2.5.1.7cl2 0:33.17
Hurricaine Jr. PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl2 0:33.91
Hurricaine Jr. PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl2 0:34.43
Hurricaine Jr. PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl2 0:36.71
radrick DSDA-Doom v0.24.3cl2 0:36.94
Hurricaine Jr. PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl2 0:37.69
Memfis PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl2 0:37.74
Neuro PRBoom v2.5.1.1cl-1 0:42.66
MFG38 DSDA-Doom v0.24.3cl2 0:50.74
Mephres PRBoom v2.5.1.5cl2 0:51.97
Also Reality!
Espi Boom v2.02 1:03.57
Espi Boom v2.02 1:09.97
Adam Hegyi Boom v2.02 1:11.00
Espi MBF 1:19.60
UV Max Hurricaine Jr. PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl2 4:26.37
92% kills
Ancalagon PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl2 4:35.26
92% kills
JamBawa PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl9 5:30.14
Ancalagon PRBoom v2.5.1.1cl2 5:33.83
92% Kills.Also Reality!
Espi Boom v2.02 7:38.89
92% Kills
JamBawa PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl9 7:44.40
MBCollector672 PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl2 1:10:20.34
93% Kills
UV Fast FSF PRBoom v2.5.1.5cl2 5:36.29
FSF PRBoom v2.5.1.5cl2 5:42.26
MrHellstorm17 DSDA-Doom v0.25.6cl9 TAS 6:06.83
92% kills
UV Respawn Billa DSDA-Doom v0.24.2cl2 1:39.37
Also Reality Intercepts overflow emulation must be disabled for playback.
Hurricaine Jr. DSDA-Doom v0.24.1cl2 1:43.09
Also Reality
Hurricaine Jr. DSDA-Doom v0.24.1cl2 1:48.37
Dogmachine Crispy Doom v5.6.3 1:49.77
Also Reality
Hurricaine Jr. DSDA-Doom v0.24.1cl2 1:51.66
Dogmachine Crispy Doom v5.6.3 2:03.26
Hurricaine Jr. PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl2 2:08.74
Shepardus Crispy Doom v5.8.0 2:35.49
NM Speed Niloquì DSDA-Doom v0.24.2cl2 0:34.43
Also Pacifist
Hurricaine Jr. PRBoom 0:35.23
Tezur0 DSDA-Doom v0.14.0cl9 0:35.89
Hurricaine Jr. PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl2 0:36.63
FC19 PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl2 0:38.69
Grazza PRBoom v2.5.1.5cl2 0:42.34
Also Pacifist
Light_Speed PRBoom v2.5.0.8cl2 0:43.83
Grazza PRBoom v2.2.3cl2 0:52.29
Also Pacifist
Pacifist Billa DSDA-Doom v0.24.2cl2 0:31.34
4shockblast DSDA-Doom v0.24.3cl2 0:31.89
Meowgi DSDA-Doom v0.22.5cl2 0:32.09
Petruska DSDA-Doom v0.24.3cl2 0:32.74
KarlsGB PRBoom v2.6.2cl2 0:32.80
Hurricaine Jr. PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl2 0:33.46
Niloquì DSDA-Doom v0.24.2cl2 0:33.94
PartyCrasher04 PRBoom v2.5.1.5cl2 0:34.49
Also Reality!
Hurricaine Jr. PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl2 0:34.69
ToxikDeth PRBoom v2.6.2cl2 0:35.34
Mr.Dumb1 DSDA-Doom v0.24.3cl2 0:35.89
Mephres PRBoom v2.5.1.5cl2 0:36.14
Fluuschoen DSDA-Doom v0.24.2cl2 0:36.20
Albert Valls Boom v2.02 0:39.49
JamBawa PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl9 0:40.89
Grazza PRBoom v2.2.3cl2 0:45.40
Grazza PRBoom v2.2.3cl2 0:51.71
E.M. DSDA-Doom v0.24.3cl2 0:54.09
Albert Valls Boom v2.02 0:57.71
Stroller taedev DSDA-Doom v0.23.0cl2 1:19.17
Billa DSDA-Doom v0.24.2cl2 1:25.83
Niloquì DSDA-Doom v0.24.2cl2 1:31.74
Hurricaine Jr. DSDA-Doom v0.24.1cl2 1:32.66
UndeadRyker DSDA-Doom v0.24.2cl2 1:34.31
Hurricaine Jr. PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl2 1:38.77
Ancalagon PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl2 15:03.60
NoMo RadicalMacaroni XDRE v2.20 TAS 0:18.63
El Juancho DSDA-Doom v0.24.3cl2 0:18.66
El Juancho DSDA-Doom v0.24.3cl2 0:18.71
Hurricaine Jr. DSDA-Doom v0.19.7cl4 0:18.77
Recorded in skill 2 but plays back in skill 4.
38_ViTa_38 PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl9 TAS 0:18.77
Hurricaine Jr. PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl2 0:18.83
Alan "Alaux" Ruzich Crispy Doom v5.8.0 0:18.83
Percy T Crispy Doom v5.9.2 0:18.86
FC19 PRBoom v2.5.1.4cl2 0:18.97
Other Light_Speed ZDoom v2.5.0 0:34   
Incompatible UV Speed.
Niloquì DSDA-Doom v0.24.2cl9 0:34.54
Incompatible UV Speed
Niloquì DSDA-Doom v0.24.2cl9 0:34.91
Incompatible NM Speed Also Pacifist
Light_Speed ZDoom v2.5.0 0:49   
Incompatible UV Speed.
MikeTheMerc Crispy Doom v5.9.2 0:56.23
Skill 1 Speed
Jodwin PRBoom v2.5.0.2cl9 2:56.54
UV Max using Super Weapons DeHackEd patch.
The Green Herring PRBoom v2.5.0.2cl9 3:00.86
UV Max using Super Weapons DeHackEd patch.
Opulent Boom v2.02 3:10.94
UV Max using Super Weapons DeHackEd patch.
Opulent Boom v2.02 3:23.20
UV Max using Super Weapons DeHackEd patch.
Espi Boom v2.02 3:43.69
UV Max using Super Weapons DeHackEd patch.